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Wedding Veil Guide

Other than your wedding dress, a veil is the most iconic part of what you will wear on the big day. It conjures romance and makes a real statement as you walk down the aisle. If you're a traditionalist you will want a two-tier veil with a blusher to cover your face and give the big reveal in front of your groom. Otherwise a veil is fabulously fashionable and with the right style will 100% enhance your beauty and your beautiful wedding dress.

Veils are also a great photo opportunity and there loads of beautiful shots your wedding photographer can get of you wearing a veil. We would definitely recommend at least trying a veil with your dress before making a decision (if you shop at Lacey Bell in UK, you can return your veil for free with our pre-paid labels!).

There is a huge range of options for brides when it comes to choosing a veil, hopefully this guide to will help answer any questions you might have.

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Veil Length

The first choice you will need to make is how long you want your veil to be. Do you want that iconic trailing veil or something shorter? Lacey Bell offers a huge range of veil lengths, when you browse our shop you will see the length in the product name. Here's a quick guide to how we categorise our veils.

Traditional Length Lengths from (inches/cm) Length to (inches/cm)
Shoulder 24/61 24/61
Elbow 28/71 30/76
Hips 32/81 36/91
Fingertip 40/102 40/102
Knee 48/122 60/152
Floor 67/170 80/203
Chapel 91/231 100/254
Cathedral 107/272 120/305
Royal 138/351 138/351

Here are some of our favourites from each length.

Shoulder Length

Elbow Length

Hips Length

Fingertip Length

Knee Length

Floor Length

Chapel Length

Cathedral Length

Royal Length

Veil Edge

The edge describes how the veil is finished along the edge of the veil. Simple! Brides will choose an edge that best matches their dress, depending on whether they want barely-there type veil (like a cut edge veil), an ornate veil (like a lace edge veil) or something in between (like a pencil or satin edge veil).

Edge Style

Each veil is finished with a different edge style. There are no wrong choices, it's all down to your own personal preferences or how a veil looks with your wedding dress.

Cut Edge Veils

The simplest style, a cut edge style has no design along the edge. It's understated and blends into your dress. It's popular because it lets your dress shine. If you have a very detailed wedding dress, cut edge might be the choice for you.

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Lace Edge Veils

Next is lace edge, which is the polar opposite of cut edge. Lace edge veils are very detailed and very eye-catching. If you have a wedding dress without much detail and want to add some wow to your day, try a lace edge veil.

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Pencil Edge Veils

Pencil edge veils have a fine edge, they're our most popular veil design. They're still simple and understated like the cut edge veil, but the pencil edge defines the veil against your dress. A pencil edge has more presence than cut edge, while still allowing your dress to take centre stage. Pencil edge veils are our best-selling veils and great place to start if you're not sure what to go for.

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Satin Edge Veils

Satin edge veils range in thickness. Some of our veil satin veils have only a slim ribbon, others have a very wide ribbon. Much like the pencil edge, the satin ribbon defines your veils against your dress, making it more of a feature than cut edge, but less striking than lace.

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Scalloped Edge Veils

A scallop edge is the same as a pencil edge, with a fine finish to the veil, but this time shaped into scallops. If your dress ends in a scalloped skirt, this is good veil to try.

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Hand-Finished Edge

Lastly we have a selection of hand-finished edges that don't fall naturally into any of the above categories. A hand-finished edge means the seamstress has taken a needle and thread to add extra detail to the edge, this extra attention is reflected in the quality and price of the veil.

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Tiers refer to how many layers the veil has. Lacey Bell stocks one- and two-tier veils, which are most popular and traditional veil styles.


A simple one-tier veil is gathered at the top of the veil and is designed to flow from your hair downwards. Unlike the two-tier veil, there is no blusher to cover the brides face. Instead a one-tier veil is more of a fashion piece that nods to the tradition of the blusher. So why bother? Many brides still want that iconic veil look with their dress and the right veil can truly enhance your dress and looks amazing on the wedding photos.

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If you want the traditional blusher to cover your face as you walk down the aisle and get that big dramatic reveal before your husband then you need a two-tier veil. A two-tier veil has two layers, the longer one flowing down your back and a shorter blusher to cover your face.

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Some of our veils have beads, pearls or crystals sewn on for extra wow.

Bead embellishment close-up

Crystal embellishment close-up

Pearl embellishment close-up

Big Brand Quality

That's all you need to choose the perfect veil for your big day, so check out Lacey Bell's collection of bridal veils. Lacey Bell has big brand quality veils (without the big brand price tag). We're so confident in our products we offer free delivery when you spend £50 and hassle-free returns with pre-paid labels.

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