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Bridal Petticoats Guide

Bridal petticoats and underskirts are worn under your wedding dress and are essential to give it shape. Most petticoats have a hoop or multiple hoops sewn into the skirt, depending on the number and size of these hoops, the petticoat will create different dress styles; like A-line, ball gown, fishtail, sheath or trumpet.

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Do I Need A Petticoat?

A petticoat or underskirt will absolutely make your wedding dress look better, by helping it to maintain the shape the designer intended and they're practical too! A long wedding dress can easily wrap around your legs; a petticoat will keep the material from your wedding dress away from your legs, so you're less likely to trip on the big day (classic nightmare stuff right there!). Also by keeping the wedding dress away from your legs, you get more air circulation to your legs, keeping you cool, which is great for hot Summer wedding days.

Petticoat Styles

The first step to knowing which petticoat you need is knowing the style of your wedding dress. Lacey Bell sells five styles of petticoat; A-line, ball gown, fishtail, sheath and trumpet. The petticoat style will be included in the name, so you know exactly which underskirt is suitable for your wedding dress.

A-Line Wedding Dresses

The A-line wedding dress is probably the most popular wedding dress shape, it's a slim style that elegantly follows your figure and gently flares from hips to the floor. Here is an example of an A-line wedding dress and a Lacey Bell A-line petticoat. For slimmer A-lines go up to 106 inch hoop circumference. For fuller A-line shapes, choose a hoop size 126 inches and over.

a-line petticoat for wedding dress

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Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Ball gown wedding dresses look like they've come straight out of a fairy tail, they have a full shape and often made with lots of layers of heavy material. Here is an example of a ball gown wedding dress and Lacey Bell ball gown petticoat. For very dramatic and full ball gown shapes, choose 5 hoops with a large hoop circumference.

ball gown petticoat for wedding dress

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Fishtail Wedding Dresses

Fishtail (or mermaid or fit and flare) wedding dresses tightly hugs your figure to your knees and then the dress flares out to the floor. Here is an example of a fishtail wedding dress and a Lacey Bell fishtail petticoat.

fishtail petticoat for wedding dress

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Sheath Wedding Dresses

A sheath wedding dress is a simple style, where the material falls loosely from your hips to the floor. A sheath petticoat does not need a hooped petticoat, because the style is meant to be loose without flare. A non-hooped petticoat is still useful for keeping the wedding dress material away from your legs and adding layers and depth to your wedding dress. Here is an example of a sheath wedding dress and a Lacey Bell sheath petticoat.

sheath petticoat for wedding dress

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Trumpet Wedding Dresses

Trumpet wedding dresses closely fit your figure from your hips to mid-thigh and then flare out to the floor. Here is an example of a trumpet wedding dress and a Lacey Bell trumpet petticoat.

trumpet petticoat for wedding dress

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Petticoat Hoop Size

When you know the petticoat style you need, you can choose the hoop size. To get the right hoop size, first flatten the skirt of your wedding; then measure the bottom of the dress from one end to other; double this measurement and you have the hoop size you need. If the measurement is between hoop sizes, go for the hoop size down. Lacey Bell petticoats have the largest hoop size in the name, so a 3 hoop petticoat with the largest hoop size at 76 inches, will have 76 inches in the product name.

What About Ruffles?

If you're looking for extra volume for your wedding dress, then look for ruffles on your petticoat. Lacey Bell has a selection of petticoats that have ruffles.

Bridal Shop Quality

That's all you need to choose the perfect petticoat for your wedding dress, so check out Lacey Bell's collection of bridal petticoats and underskirts. Lacey Bell has bridal shop quality petticoats (without the bridal shop price tag). We're so confident in our products we offer free delivery when you spend £50 and hassle-free returns with pre-paid labels.

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